Plane coming from MSP slides off runway in Madison

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Erik Franke
Reports are coming out of Madison, Wisconsin, this evening that Delta Flight 385 from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has slid off the runway at Dane Co. Regional Airport and fire crews are responding.

A reporter with WISC-TV, who described the 60-passenger plane as a Boeing 737-800 series, says airport authorities are not aware at this time of any injuries.

A producer with the Weather Channel is reporting that the plane came into contact with snow, leading to the slide.

It's safe to say, expect delays.

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Dan Mason
Dan Mason

Wisconsin doesn't remove snow from their runways?


"The plane came into contact" and that started the slide. Huh?  Does the Weather Channel mean the cause of the slide was the fact the plane landed? If so, that's some insight right there.

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