Mayor Rybak tweets awesome ode to snow emergencies

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Contemplating his next poem?
Minneapolis mayor-to-be Betsy Hodges already has to deal with questions about whether she can fill R.T. Rybak's cycling, Trampled by Turtles-loving, crowd-surfing shoes as Cool Mayor. Add to the list: Will Hodges ever refer to herself as "da Maya"?

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That's what Rybak did in his latest bout of Twitter poetry. An avid tweeter, the mayor has used line breaks and rhymes in his 140 characters before, but the tweets he composed in response to this week's snow emergency are his most inspired yet.

The poem's first stanza came not long after the city declared a snow emergency on Wednesday afternoon. Rybak wrote: A few hours later, Rybak increased the urgency before tow trucks hit the streets, tweeting his next four stanzas within minutes.
Later in the night, Rybak offered this coda: Rhymes like these can't be contained by the Twitterverse. The next day, Rybak tweeted: When Rybak passes the mayoral torch to Hodges on January 1, he'll take positions as executive director of Generation Next, and as a part-time professor at the U of M (first up on his course list, this spring: a class called "Mayor 101"). Here's hoping that, on the side, he also starts penning a chapbook of Minneapolis poems.

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Get off your Twitter and work for the Citizens of your City, because the jobs your plows do, is really quite SHITTY!

Megan Haas Adam
Megan Haas Adam

Heard him on WCCO last night as I was attempting to navigate the pathetic plow job in St. Paul. Maybe he could tweet directly to Mayor Coleman with some suggestions?

Doug Mulville
Doug Mulville

Not bad for a scheming thief who helped out the criminal Wilf build the ugly ass monstrosity that will be home to the "Queens.

Drewey topcommenter

@Fedup999 You know what I'm fedup999 with?  Morons that bitch about anything and everything.  


I couldn't agree more, but I do like him just a little bit for making me feel better about these awful winters!

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