Met Stadium demolished by fans: Video of what officials don't want to happen at Metrodome

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Officials vow the Metrodome's goalposts will remain intact following Sunday's finale.
On December 20, 1980, the Vikings played their last game at Bloomington's Metropolitan Stadium. Fittingly, they lost. As the final gun sounded, hordes of fans, some of them seemingly dressed for trips to the disco that night, descended from the bleachers and began to dismantle the stadium with their bare hands.

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They pulled down goalposts and took off with anything they could. Nine were arrested.

Here's the footage:

As you'd imagine, Zygi and Janeé are hoping to do a better job maintaining law and order this Sunday when the Vikings play their final game at the Metrodome. Toward that end, the Star Tribune reports that in addition to beefed-up NFL and team security, the MPD is hiring nearly twice as many off-duty cops to work the game as they normally do.

"Basically, nothing is coming out of that building," Jenn Hathaway, spokeswoman for the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, told the Strib.

That doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun, but you know what is? This image of the Minneapolis skyline screengrabbed from NBC's coverage of the final game at Met Stadium, back when the Capella and Wells Fargo towers were just some architect's pipe-dream:


Wow, what a difference 33 years made!

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