Minnesota tea partiers compare poor people to wild animals

This is the mental framework some Minnesota conservatives use when thinking about poor people.
In a post published on their blog by a site administrator last weekend, the Central Minnesota Tea Party broke out one of Rep. Mary Franson's greatest hits.

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Franson, you might recall, got herself in trouble in early 2012 when she compared government distribution of food stamps to people feeding wild animals at a park. As criticism flooded in, she quickly apologized, but she appeared to double-down on her original stance the following summer when she addressed the controversy during a tea party rally and said, "We have to get backbones, you guys."

In their post, the Minnesota tea partiers pretty much recite what Franson said verbatim (the poor people-wild animal comparison has actually been a popular bit among right-wingers for a while). But as Bluestem Prairie's Sally Jo Sorensen puts it, they do so with an "anti-Muslim garnish."

Here's the entire post:

Central Minnesota Tea Party Blog

It's a little disappointing, to be honest. After all, couldn't the tea partiers have found a way to mix some homophobia in there for good measure?

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