Minnesota tea partiers fall for fake Islamophobic article

Facebook screengrab
Pro tip: Don't believe everything you read on the internet.
The MNGOP's new social media memo must not have reached southern Minnesota, as late last month, the Rochester Tea Party Patriots sounded the alarm about an anti-Muslim "report" they apparently couldn't figure out is fake.

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Here's the commentary whoever moderates the Rochester tea partiers' Facebook page provided to the satirical Diversity Chronicle's piece about a German woman who was (not really) convicted of raping eight Pakistani Muslim men: "THIS IS MAKING IT'S [sic] WAY TO AMERICA. BE ON THE LOOKOUT!"

Even though the article is widely known to be a hoax, it remained on the Rochester Tea Party Patriots' Facebook page yesterday.

Here's a screengrab (The second paragraph is copied and posted from the Diversity Chronicle's piece):


The existence of the Facebook post was revealed by Bluestem Prairie's Sally Jo Sorensen, who wrote that the Rochester tea partiers "seem to be of the School of 'Anything Scary About Muslims Must Be True,' especially if it's illustrated by a stock photo of angry Muslim-looking dudes."

It's debatable how many other people even noticed the post, as yesterday afternoon, well over a week after its publication, it still had zero "likes" and zero comments.

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So if this proves that all tea party people are gullible bigots, then what do the 22,023 jihad terror attacks committed since 09/11/2001 prove about all Muslims? Be consistent folks, you may not agree with the tea party's politics, but you cannot deny that Muslims have given people reason to fear them.

Nathan Westergreen
Nathan Westergreen

And what about the millions upon millions that fell for Obama's lies..? If you like your current plan, you can keep it... Period... HaHa... Not everything a politician says is true folks... Wake the f up... Obama has expanded domestic spying, kills via drone vs interrogating via water board, has alienated the rest of the world, doubled the deficit and refuses to compromise on ANYTHING!!!... Remember, he was a uniter not a divider eh..? LoL... Sheep...

Will Chris
Will Chris

Can you really blame them? Considering that Pakistan and other countries under sharia law still imprison and whip women who are victims of rape, is it really that hard to believe something like this? The only thing that makes it unlikely is that, if you read the actual headline, it says the trial was in germany. If it was in pakistan itself, totally believable

Mitch Vogel
Mitch Vogel

It has to be when people make it into a photo and post it on Facebook! :)

ron.fresquez topcommenter

Those Tea Bagger critters are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. But then again it's the Tea Baggers.

Drewey topcommenter

Ok, now that the village idiot is here, let's get the deep intellectual conversation started ...

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