Minnesota Twins okay with Republicans using their audio in attack ad

D.C. Republicans are appealing to Minnesotans warm-and-fuzzy feelings about 1991 in an effort to oust Collin Peterson.
:::: UPDATE, 10:15 a.m. :::: The NRCC has pulled the ad.

The National Republican Congressional Committee recently debuted a controversial radio attack ad aimed at 7th District Minnesota Democrat Collin Peterson. (Listen to it here.)

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The spot uses dramatic audio from the Twins' dramatic 1991 Game 7 triumph over the Atlanta Braves to make a case that Peterson has changed over the years.

"1991 -- the Twins win, Collin Peterson goes to Congress. A lot's changed since then, and so has Collin Peterson," the narrator of the ad says. "Peterson supported trillions in new spending and voted to raise the debt ceiling seven times to pay for it."

After listening to the ad, a Democratic official in D.C. got in touch with us and wondered, "What would MLB or the Twins say about being used for political purposes?" We asked.

Kevin Smith, director of corporate communications for the Twins, told us "we don't have a comment on the issue."

In response, we asked him if that meant the team wouldn't ask the NRCC to remove the audio.

"That's correct," Smith answered.

Alrightey then. We also checked in with MLB public relations official Matt Bourne.

"We are looking into the matter," Bourne wrote back.

We'll let you know if their investigation goes anywhere.

One irony of the NRCC using the Twins to bolster the campaign of state Senator Torrey Westrom, the leading Republican challenger for Peterson's seat, is that Westrom voted against public funding for a new Twins stadium. So if he would've had it his way, the Minnesota Twins might've gone the way of the North Stars.

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