Minnesotans have relatively small penises, study says

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Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Lakes and the smallest packages in the five-state area.
Minnesotans have the 39th "largest" penises out of the 50 states in 'Murica, according to a study put together by Condomania, an online business which bills itself as the country's first condom store.

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Looking for something a little larger? Travel northwest to NoDak. According to the study, NoDakians are packing the largest units in the land. No wonder it's so damn sexy up there.

As you might have already inferred, Condomania put together the list by looking at the condom sizes purchased from each state.

Here's the full ranking, with the states bordering us in bold:
1. North Dakota
2. Rhode Island
3. South Dakota
4. District of Columbia
5. Massachusetts
6. Ohio
7. Arizona
8. Alabama
9. New York
10. South Carolina
11. Colorado
12. Maryland
13. Wisconsin
14. New Jersey
15. California
16. Florida
17. Connecticut
18. Virginia
19. Oregon
20. Pennsylvania
21. Washington
22. Tennessee
23. New Mexico
24. Iowa
25. Illinois
26. Louisiana
27. Vermont
28. Utah
29. Maine
30. Nebraska
31. Idaho
32. Kansas
33. Delaware
34. Michigan
35. Nevada
36. New Hampshire
37. Oklahoma
38. Montana
39. Minnesota
40. Kentucky
41. Texas
42. Indiana
43. West Virginia
44. Missouri
45. Alaska
46. North Carolina
47. Wyoming
48. Arkansas
49. Hawaii
50. Mississippi
Of course, as a Time blog post about the study points outs, since the ranking is based merely on what condoms people are purchasing, "the states at the top of the list may just have an impressive lack of self-awareness."

But then again, the Dakotas do occupy two of the three spots on the largest list. Is it a coincidence or is there something male enhancing in the water up there?

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midwestexplorer81 topcommenter

Well Minnesota has a very "diverse" population with many immigrant groups who are stereotyped as being small who call Minnesota home. Just saying.

Justin Irvine
Justin Irvine

Sure and people who make fun of people for having a small dick tend to have a micro penis lol

Deatrick LaPointe
Deatrick LaPointe

If it's true it's probably cause it so fking Baltic cold here....

Todd Erickson
Todd Erickson

My wife asked who I was goona please with that little thing.....I said ME!

Robb Mitchell
Robb Mitchell

People don't fully appreciate the effects of Minnesota weather on human beings.


The bogus part of this study is that the states ranked on the lower half probably just don't buy as many condoms or condoms at all for that matter... the only way this could be an even relatively accurate study would be to guarantee that the amount of condom purchases per state and per capita were equal to ensure accuracy.

Sherrie Ketchens Koffi
Sherrie Ketchens Koffi

How come Georgia isn't even on this list? I guess they don't purchase condoms there or they haven't made a condom to fit those big brothers. That's it!

Mizzi Bear
Mizzi Bear

lol. I wonder if it has more to do with the age of people buying condoms.

James Owens
James Owens

Well, half the year the measurement will be skewed due to weather like today. I came in from out there and about needed help to find it in the head!

Pepe Hernandez
Pepe Hernandez

Good thing I am not really from Minnesota. Hahaha

EJ Amason
EJ Amason

Maybe it's because of the cold...

Rebecca A. Fore
Rebecca A. Fore

"size doesn't matter" Haha, the hell it doesn't.....so for all you ladies that said that or thinking that A) You're liars. B) enjoy your partners small penis.

Paul Vasarab
Paul Vasarab

I'm from Cleveland and our penises are so big, at birth we are forced to install airplane warning lights on them...

Sunshine Mitchell
Sunshine Mitchell

You have got to be kidding me!! They actually did a study on sales for this BS??? I guess no one has anything better to do with their time?? SMDH!

Joanne Gaul
Joanne Gaul

SO glad to live in ND! We need SOMETHING for the long winter nights!!

Frank Otero
Frank Otero

I stand corrected. Choking :) Thanks!

Kayla Fuller
Kayla Fuller

Basing this study on condoms purchased through a website is extremely flawed. Georgia isn't even mentioned so does that mean they don't have penises? What a garbage article. -_-


@Rebecca A. Fore Actually its how you use it... 4" is all you need. If you ride it right and not let man do all the work, you can get off.

You have to be in touch with YOURSELF before ANY man can learn how to please you. Girls expect more from men, but it takes a considerable effort on women's part as well. Penis size actually does not increase pleasure. Though, it can be arguable in a phychology standpoint, it's all in your head.

What it comes down to is KNOWING your body, grovin' it correctly, and not relying on the man to do all the work.

girls that lie about orgasm on the other hand do absolutely no good.

My partner is 4" and i get off every time, twice.


Well, since the study was done by a condom store, and it got them some press, I would say their time was not wasted.


@Kayla Fuller I'm sorry, why should anyone give a fuck about your opinion?  ohhhh....film school, i get it.  Kill yourself.

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