MN Department of Public Safety releases video confessions of drunken drivers

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Screenshot of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety's new video reminding drivers of the personal and financial wreckage that can follow an old-fashioned booze cruise
Spoiler alert: DWIs are devastating.

Take it from the folks at the Minnesota Department of Public Safety who've produced a video series entitled "DWI Confessions" just in time for the Bacchanalian revelry of year's end.

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The first of three videos was posted Thursday and features a young man whose face is mostly concealed by light and obscure camera angles. Over these fractured images he speaks of the jail time, court fees and shame he endured:
 If you want to make an ass of yourself and go downtown and wear the orange jumpsuit and pay a bunch of money that you don't have and have your family upset with you and be upset with yourself -- well, then, do just what I did. Just be dumb like me and think that it's OK. I got it. I just had a couple drinks.
Fortunately this dude didn't physically hurt anyone, but the state estimates that 104 people died and 2,644 people suffered injuries in alcohol-related crashes in 2012. More than 28,000 people were charged with DWI -- about a quarter of which occurred in Hennepin County. That number has steadily fallen since 2006.

Nick Carpenter, a state public safety spokesman, said in an email that federal grants totaling $8.5 million will help pay for overtime costs that come with increased DWI enforcement around the holidays as well as other enforcement and educational efforts through September 2014.

Parole officers helped identify people "who seemed genuinely remorseful," he said, "and interested in sharing their stories."

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Steve Schmidt
Steve Schmidt

That's a great reminder for all of us who enjoy a drink or two. Zero, no driving.


I remember an episode of Mad Men when the main character had a dwi.  Go to station and pay something like $50 and go home.  From what I've heard from older people, this isn't far off.  Just like everything, it's the very small percentage of idiots that get way too drunk and drive result in injury. 

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