Owl rescued in downtown Duluth is dead

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Sara Clark
In lieu of flowers, buy blinds.

A long-eared owl that was rescued by firefighters Monday after slamming into a second-story office window in downtown Duluth has died.

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A woman told the Duluth News Tribune that the owl was being harassed by a pack of crows when it struck her window at the Weiland Building near Lake Avenue and Superior Street. She snapped the picture above and called authorities.

The owl suffered head trauma and was taken Wildwoods, a nonprofit wildlife rehab. It was supposed to go next to the U of M's Raptor Center.

Sadly this is a common occurrence. Earlier this year, at least 30 Bohemian waxwing birds were found dead in the plaza area adjacent to the Minnesota Power building in downtown Duluth.

Audubon Minnesota has launched a project of its own, intended to reduce the number of birds killed or injured by colliding with urban structures.

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Chumps don't know their owls. It is indeed a long-eared owl, Asio otus

 ;__;7 RIP little buddy

Brian Steidl
Brian Steidl

Send Daryl some Owl Jerky. all attempts at humor aside poor bird :(


That is a long-eared owl.  The facial markings distinguish it from a great horned.  The mature long-eared is also a lot smaller than a great horned.

But either way, very sad.  It's not that difficult or expensive to take some steps that prevent birds from flying into windows.


Typo in the last line.  Audobon.

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