R.T. Rybak says he smoked his share of pot in high school, but it left him depressed

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The sticky icky isn't for everyone...
When you think of words to describe R.T. Rybak, "depressed" certainly wouldn't be anywhere near the top of the list. But in a wide-ranging interview with Mpls St. Paul Magazine's Steve Marsh, the soon-to-be former mayor says that's how smoking a bunch of pot made him feel during his days at Breck High School.

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What got him out of his ganja-induced funk? Fittingly, the ebullient R.T. says it was his first political campaign.

Here's an excerpt of that part of the interview:
What was Breck like in the '70s?
It was very different. Today it's a phenomenal but very privileged school. Then it was more alternative. It was a very open school. It was where people whose parents were in the orchestra or worked at the newspaper or the university went. It had very wide open modular scheduling, some would say almost chaotic. I was a terrible student. Really bad. I was 50th in a class of 52. But I was involved in everything.

Were you a pothead?
Yeah. For a while.

In high school or just college?
Not much in college. And I wouldn't say I was a pothead. I smoked pot.

What kind of a person were you?
I was lost. I was kind of a good kid who went to cub scouts and boy scouts and all that. And then it was the '60s, and for a couple years--my junior and my sophomore year--it was a really different period of time. I smoked pot and I think it got me pretty depressed, frankly.

Was your group of friends depressed?
I wouldn't pass judgment. I would just say that when I look back on it, it was not a good period. I quit playing football, which I loved. I came out of it when I ran for school president. So I ran--it's always a senior who's president but I ran as a junior--and I wound up winning...
To read the rest of the interview -- including R.T.'s spirited defense of the Vikings stadium deal and his explanation of why he thinks the Step-Up Summer Job Program was "the biggest thing" he did in office -- click here.

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kurt124 topcommenter

Failed Mayor.  What a nightmare he was. Property Taxes tripled under his reign of terror. The DFL progs will fall for anything.   


yah.......Here's what really happened: He smoked pot, His "Eyes were opened" to the FantasyLand that he was living in and he got depressed! But he decided he could function in this FantasyLand so he gave up pot and never had another thought!

End of Story! Really R.T. You should have done EVERYTHING in your power to Decriminalize and LEGALIZE while you could have! Had you done that your ratings would be OFF THE CHARTS.


The hipster mayor! LOL yeah, sure, Breck wasn't a "privileged" school in the 70s.

Minneapolis voters will fall for anything with a D by it's name.

Shayne O'Neil
Shayne O'Neil

I stand by my statement. Thanks for the propaganda.

Brent Abbott
Brent Abbott

lmao what a typical politician answer. R.T. Just say you enjoyed it and that's why you kept doing it. Who is dumb enough to believe this? "Oh weed made me sooo sad and depressed, waa waa"..what a crock of sh*t.

Andy Nordenstrom
Andy Nordenstrom

You saying this and assuming everyone reacts to weed the exact same is actually more ignorant. Marijuana effects vary from person to person and while most people feel good, some people feeling depressed or having anxiety is not unheard of, even among habitual smokers.

Shayne O'Neil
Shayne O'Neil

Marihuana does not cause depression. What an ignorant statement.


@TruDat Breck probably wasn't, Blake has always been the money school, Dayton went there. SPA is actually the real hippy school though. 

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