Scott Walker is down with pedal pubs

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Coming soon to Wisconsin.
Given Wisconsin's well-earned reputation for drinking, you would've thought the state had pedal pubs long ago, right?

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Wrong. The booze-powered bars on wheels we love to hate were decriminalized in the Land of Cheese just last Friday when Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill legalizing them.

According to an AP report, Wisconsin state law previously prohibited people from consuming alcohol in vehicles, including pedal pubs.

But before you start daydreaming about reading stories like this next summer with datelines from Milwaukee, know that the legislation signed by Walker doesn't allow pedal pubbers to get crazy. The AP reports that riders will have to keep their blood alcohol level below .02. For a person who weighs roughly 160 pounds, that's less than one drink!

O'Douls, anyone? Or better yet, come to Minnesota and enjoy pedal pubbing free from sobering government regulations.

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The U of M should do a study on political affiliation and people who ride Pedal Pubs.  In the meantime, can we just give away all of ours to Wisconsin?  It seems the neighborly thing to do.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

They should be required to register and insure with the PUC, just like every other company that uses the public roadways for profit.


Pro-business Deregulation and Conservative Christian Morality combine to create... The Sober Pedal Pub, an unprofitable thing no one wants that is technically allowed to exist!  Well done Wisconsin legislature!  


Right.  That's what we need.  Wisconsinites on our pedal pubs.  That's sure to make them less annoying.

DavidFoureyes topcommenter

Hey! Scott Walker just created, like, five jobs! Somebody mark it!

digitalprotocol topcommenter

nobody gives a shit about wisconsin... go home you farmer hicks



You do realize that nobody gives a shit about Minnesota either. Most of the people in this country view Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa as the Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana of the north.

You DO realize that, don't you?  

digitalprotocol topcommenter

@WhiteMatt  ooo god whitematt, youre not even a top commenter so why not fuck off and die

MN is a political powerhouse historically and nobody in the know would make such a statement.

additionally this is a local blog so not sure what your point is...other than you a fatheaded white pig ... so again, fuck off and die you dirtbagger

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