Serge Vorobyov wants your cash to help him build money-shooting truck

For $5,000, Serge promises a diesel truck that shoots money out its exhaust.
Serge Vorobyov made it rain $1,000 in one dollar bills a week ago today at the MOA, but his 15 minutes of fame are just about through and so he's trying hard to dream up an encore.

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Toward that end, Serge, 29, is trying to raise funds for one of the craziest ideas we've ever encountered. He wants to build a diesel truck that can shoot money out its exhaust pipe. He then plans to drive it to "the most needy part of the Twin Cities" in hopes of "making some Peoples [sic] Day." We shit you not!

Here's the Facebook post detailing his plan:

Address blurred because according to the comment thread below the post, it actually isn't Serge's.

That sounds like almost as good of an investment as putting your cash in a fire pit and using it to fuel your next bonfire, doesn't it?

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