Simoni Lawrence, former U of M captain, still hasn't paid woman he hit on I-94

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Lawrence was an All-Big Ten Honorable Mention selection during his senior season at the U of M.
Simoni Lawrence's professional football career seems to be going pretty well these days. This season, the 24-year-old 2009 defensive co-captain of the Gophers football team had 52 tackles and three interceptions as a linebacker for the Canadian Football League's Hamilton Tiger-Cats, a team that made it all the way to the Grey Cup before being defeated by the Saskatchewan Roughriders last last month. He was even named CFL player of the week for his performance during one of the Tiger-Cats' playoff games.

THE BACKSTORY: Simoni Lawrence screwing over woman he hit on I-94

With the CFL season through and Simoni spending at least part of his offseason back in Minneapolis, 57-year-old Whittier resident Karla Rehberg hoped Lawrence would finally reimburse him for causing upwards of $3,000 of damage to her 2010 Honda Fit when he rear-ended her on I-94 near downtown Minneapolis last March. But the self-employed hairdresser says Simoni won't even return her phone calls anymore.

As we told you about in the article linked above, following the I-94 accident, Lawrence gave Rehberg his Geico insurance card. But when Rehberg called Geico to follow up, she was informed Lawrence hadn't paid his premiums and wasn't covered.

He may not have had insurance, but according to Rehberg, he had at one time or another owned an impressive fleet of vehicles.

"Geico started naming all these cars because he had a policy with them, and I thought they were actually just naming off categories of cars," she told us last summer.

Lawrence told Rehberg he'd need a few months to come up with the dough to reimburse her, and Rehberg agreed to wait, even if she was annoyed to see a tweet from him indicating he at least had enough money to fix the flashy white Camero he was driving when he rear-ended her. Simoni suggested he'd take care of her car once the CFL season was through and agreed to meet up with Rehberg at an auto repair place in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago. But Rehberg says he stood her up and is no longer responding to her attempts to communicate with him.

In a bizarre twist, an employee at the auto repair shop at which the aforementioned meeting was supposed to happen called Rehberg on Friday and told her they'd received a call from Lawrence's attorney, Lee Hutton. Hutton told the auto shop all communication with Simoni would have to be routed through him from now on.

"No lawyer has ever contacted me about this," Rehberg says. "I don't know if it's a scare tactic, but in any event it's very odd."

Part of the issue, Rehberg said, is that Simoni wants to have her car worked on at a repair shop of his choice in order to keep things as cheap as possible. But Rehberg doesn't trust Lawrence's preferred shop.

"The law says I can choose where it's going to be fixed," Rehberg said. "I don't see how he can tell me where to take my car."

In an email exchange with City Pages, Lawrence said he's "not trying to big time you saying that I can't talk to you because honestly I'm not even famous like that," but referred all further questions to Hutton. As this is published, Hutton still hasn't responded to our voicemail.

In the meantime, Rehberg continues to drive her damaged car. She says she'll continue to do so through the holidays but is considering either pursuing legal recourse against Lawrence or just paying the $750 deductible out of pocket and hoping her insurance company can recoup the money from him.

"I don't know if this is just a thing where he wants to call all the shots, or if he thinks I'm trying to screw him or what," Rehberg said. "But it's so odd to see this professional football player who thinks he isn't going to have to pay for this."

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Jerold Pihlaja
Jerold Pihlaja

The story doesn't mention a police report, which she should have filed at the time of the incident.

Joshua Warren
Joshua Warren

I don't get the point of this story, her insurance pays for the damage and since he was driving without insurance, which is a misdemeanor, with a police report, she won't be charged a deductible because it was a crime. Her insurance company then sues him and gets a judgement for the amount. this is a shoddy story, and how do you spell Camaro wrong...

Donald Robert Hall
Donald Robert Hall

Why should SHE have to pay anything?? He hit her. He needs to stop acting like a spoiled little d-bag and pay up!

Kim Connell
Kim Connell

Pay your deductible, lady, and quit driving a damaged car around. Let your insurance company subrogate for the cost of repairs and your deductible! He's obviously not going to pay out of pocket and lawyer-ed up so let your insurance carrier work it out for you!!!!! And get a decent agent who would've told you to do this ages ago!!!!


@VelvetGreene1 I remember when I read things and believe everything lol my parents no me and people that no me no me .. Be well god bless

Nick GarSuperstar
Nick GarSuperstar

Assuming he had insurance, it's only a $500 deductible. It sucks to pay but It sure as heck beats being blasted on social media for being a jerk.

Michael Marshall
Michael Marshall

Maybe if he played for a top flight program that pays its players he could afford it.


What a dickbag.

A real man would own up to his responsibilities and get this taken care of instead of acting like a spoiled child.

mingtran topcommenter

Too many hits to the head?

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