Target breach: Tech blogger outs guy allegedly selling stolen card info [PHOTOS]

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Photos via Krebs on Security
Internet sleuthing revealed that the alleged crook's life goals recently included "World Domination ($ will probably have to rob all banks in the world)" and "Moving to Helsinki."
In an impressively reported post on his Krebs on Security blog, tech blogger Brian Krebs -- the journalist who first broke the story of the Target breach -- outs one of the crooks allegedly selling stolen card information.

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Thanks to some impressive internet sleuthing, Krebs links, one of the main black market sites selling card information pilfered from Target customers for as much as $100 apiece, to a young man named Andrew Hodirevski who appears to live in Odessa, Ukraine.

From Krebs's post:
Rescator[dot]la is run by a miscreant who uses the nickname Rescator, and who is a top member of the Russian and English language crime forum Lampeduza[dot]la. He operates multiple online stores that sell stolen card data, including rescator[dot]la, kaddafi[dot]hk, octavian[dot]su and cheapdumps[dot]org. Rescator also maintains a presence on several other carding forums, most notably cpro[dot]su and vor[dot]cc...

I have no idea if Rescator/Helkern/Andrew was involved in hacking Target, but it's a good bet that he at least knows who was.
Here's another photo apparently of Hodirevski that Krebs found online:


Krebs was even able to Gchat with an account connected with Hodirevski. But instead of getting a comment about the accusation, the person he chatted with offered him a $10,000 bribe not to run the story. For one reason or another, Krebs didn't take it.

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Christine Brown
Christine Brown

the tag makes it seem like it's a local person, or at least someone for whom information might lead to some kind of capture. wouldn't something like "Target card theft possibly linked to Ukraine" be more helpful?

Beth Anderson
Beth Anderson

Considering he's from another country supposedly, it wouldnt be local PD prosecuting. At this point in time, its federal.

Amber Iwan
Amber Iwan

Careful, Melissa, if he turns up dead or hurt PD has a motive on you.


LOL federal still means here dude. I think you mean Interpol. 

And good luck getting him in Ukraine. I was surprised when they shut down Demonoid. Literally 99% of the police in Ukraine are bribable to go away. And the best part about these criminals is they have plenty of cash to get away with stealing that cash.

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