Target Breach: Top 10 tweets

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kevin dooley via Flickr Creative Commons
Someone stealing your credit card information is no laughing matter -- unless you're on Twitter, of course.

THE BACKSTORY: Massive Target data breach affects in-store shoppers who used credit cards

In that case, news that Minnesota's arguably best-known company was targeted (see what I did there?) by fraudsters who somehow obtained the info of roughly 40 million customers presents an opportunity to bust out the 140-character zingers. Below are the 10 best about the #TargetBreach we've seen.

10. 9. 8. 7. 6. Steller had more than one stellar tweet about the breach:

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Ryan Moe
Ryan Moe

Ha? Fuck you city pages!


Is it just me or are none of these tweets funny?

Patrick Noll
Patrick Noll

Ask the bank for a new debt card #. Solve the issue before it gets you

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