Alleged TCF Bank robber drops knife with his name on it

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Hennepin County Sheriff and Dwight Burdette
Aaron Joshua Yashinsky is charged with robbing a TCF Bank.
He might have gotten away with it. He knew about dye packs. He knew about GPS trackers. He got the money, and he got away.

It's what he left behind that did him in.

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Not long after 5 p.m. on November 19, a man entered the TCF Bank in Uptown carrying a black crate, and wearing army fatigues and "a blaze orange fedora-style hat," according to the criminal complaint.

He walked over to one of the teller windows and handed the teller a note that read, "Give me all the money. No GPS or dye pack. I'm going to kill you. I have killed many people before. I will blow an 8" hole in your head. I have a pistol." According to police, the man then unzipped his jacket and showed the teller a bulge in his shirt.

The teller turned over the cash and, after the robber left, sounded the alarm. Once police arrived, they started talking to witnesses, one of whom said that the robber dropped a knife as he was leaving the building. Officers found the knife, which was marked with a sticker reading "Aaron Joshua," and a tear where the last name would have been.

Not far from the bank, officers tracked down the fedora, the fatigues, and the black crate, which was full of belongings that they processed for fingerprints. One of the prints came back with a match to 36-year-old Aaron Joshua Yashinsky.

Yashinsky was arrested on December 4 and, according to the complaint, confessed to the robbery. He doesn't have much of a record -- just a misdemeanor theft back in 2000 -- but now faces a felony charge of second-degree aggravated robbery.

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MNjoe topcommenter

The way TCF rips off its customers, I'm always happy to see them getting ripped off.


The name on his knife helps build a case, but given his prints were already on file in the BCA database, having his name on the knife didn't really mean anything in regards to making an arrest.

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