Terry Hardy, Park High gymnastics coach, cited for assault for tattooing student [UPDATE]

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Image of Terry Hardy via Facebook
Not the look you'd expect from a gymnastics coach, right?
-- Update at bottom --

Terry Hardy, a 37-year-old Hastings resident and head coach of the gymnastics team at Park High School in Cottage Grove, has been placed on administrative leave for allegedly tattooing a 15-year-old girl without her parents' permission.

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He's also been cited for two counts of assault, because when he allegedly tattooed the girl back in June, Minnesota law required both custodial and non-custodial parents to provide teens with written authorization before they could get tattoos. (The law has since been beefed up, and now teens are prohibited from getting tattoos until they are 18 regardless of whether or not their parents are okay with it.)

In a Fox 9 interview, the girl, Abby Rasmussen, 15 at the time she received three tattoos and a tongue piercing from Hardy in his home, said that while Hardy was tattooing her, he asked, "Is your dad going to be mad?"

"In the middle of a tattoo that's kinda a dumb question," she added.

Abby claims Hardy told her he has a license. Turns out he doesn't.

Abby's dad, Curt Rasmussen, told Fox, "Why is he bringing 15-year-old girls to his house? That's just not right behavior." Curt Rasmussen reported Abby's tattoos to police.

Yesterday, South Washington County Schools released a statement as news of Hardy's citations spread. It says:
Allegations have been made against Park High School Gymnastics Head Coach Terry Hardy. Upon learning of the allegations, he was placed on paid administrative leave by the district. He is on administrative leave pending further investigation as the head coach of Park High School gymnastics, but has been dismissed as a gymnastics coordinator for District 833s community Education program.
Hardy could face 180 days in jail and a $2,000 fine. Reached for comment by the Pioneer Press, he said he wouldn't comment on the "false accusations."

:::: UPDATE ::::

Here, via the Fox 9 report linked above, are screengrabs of the tattoos Hardy allegedly gave Abby Rasmussen (the one at bottom is a lyric from this Bring Me The Horizon song):


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