Twins top prospect Alex Meyer is the substitute teacher students love during offseason

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Alex Meyer on Twitter
Meyer (at right, obviously) is a former Indiana Mr. Baseball and was selected in the first round of the MLB draft in 2011.
Alex Meyer may be the Twins' top pitching prospect, but during the offseason, the 23-year-old millionaire works as a substitute teacher in his hometown of Greensburg, Indiana.

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Not only is Meyer in his third year of subbing, but according to an Indy Star report, students can't get enough of the 6-9 right-hander.

The Indy Star report describes Meyer as "tall, dark and handsome," so naturally, one 17-year-old senior interviewed for the piece said, "All the girls look at him. I don't mind looking at him."

Looks and riches aside, Keith Hipskind, dean of students for Greensburg schools, has nothing but good things to say about Meyer's classroom management.

"He's conscientious, he tries, he's dedicated," Hipskind told the Star. "He's going to try to live up to what you want him to do."

Hipskind went on to say he doesn't think most of the students have any idea Meyer is one of the top pitching prospects in baseball.

"They have no idea what's going on around them except who they're texting or who the cute girl is who's sitting by them in math class," Hipskind said, bluntly.

For his part, Meyer said the $63-per-day gig is an enjoyable way to stay busy in the winter and gives him a taste of what teaching is like should he decide to pursue that as a career when his baseball days are through.

"Being able to be a substitute teacher puts me in a real-life atmosphere and lets me know if this is something I really want to do or not," Meyer told the Indy Star. "So far, it is."

Meyer is expected to debut with the Twins sometime this upcoming season. Seems like he'll be a really easy guy to cheer for, doesn't he?

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Bec Salmonson
Bec Salmonson

$63 a day? He must really love it. But I guess if you already have millions.

Alex Meyer
Alex Meyer

Uh I know, he's stealing my Google search thunder.

ajlalk3 topcommenter

So this story is basically "17 year old girls wanna bang attractive, wealthy authority figure".

Alex Wong
Alex Wong

b/c babysitting is so challenging..

Anne-Marie Hoskinson
Anne-Marie Hoskinson

Pretty discouraging that substitute teachers earn just $63 per day. For a 7-hour day that's $9 per hour.

Kent Erickson
Kent Erickson

Cool article, but Byron Buxton is the Twins top prospect, not Meyer. Meyer is 3 behind Buxton and Sano

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