Vikings holiday video pokes fun at Adrian Peterson for being a terrible gift-giver

Adrian Peterson and the Vikings want to wish you a happy holidays.
The Vikings' 2013 holiday video teases Adrian Peterson for being a bad gift-giver. In fact, it's bluntly entitled "Adrian Peterson sucks at giving gifts."

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It's all meant in good fun, but depending how much you enjoy blasting over snow-covered ground at high rates of speed, there might actually be something to the notion Peterson isn't very good at shopping for presents. Earlier this season, AP made headlines for giving each Vikings offensive lineman a snowmobile as tokens of gratitude for blocking so well for him during his MVP 2012 campaign.

We'd probably rather just have the $10,000 (or however much one of those things costs), but to each their own.

In any event, the Vikings holiday video isn't embeddable, but you can watch it here.

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