Wild goalie Niklas Backstrom gives up embarrassing goal on fanned shot [VIDEO]

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Last night, Backstrom gave up the sort of goal you'd expect to see during pickup games on Lake of the Isles.
With Josh Harding out for a few games for multiple sclerosis treatment, Niklas Backstrom has been holding down the net-minding duties for the Wild.

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Suffice it to say the results haven't been pretty. Backstrom gave up five goals to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Thursday and then four more to the New York Rangers last night. Minnesota lost both games and after a hot start, and the Wild are now uncomfortably perched on the precipice of the Western Conference playoff picture.

The low point was the Rangers' final goal of last night's game. On a breakaway, forward Chris Kreider completely fanned on his shot -- only to watch as the slow-moving puck still somehow found its way between Backstrom's legs.

Here's the video:

In this case, we're being entirely sincere in proclaiming that you -- yes you, person who probably hasn't skated in years -- could've stopped that one.

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So it's really Backstrom with MS????

Bob B Bopp
Bob B Bopp

He's let a lot of these get past him. It's time for a change.

Scott Jochum
Scott Jochum

Can a guy with MS really be used as hard as we're using Harding? Even a totally healthy goalie will show signs of overuse by 2/3 into the season, if there's not a guy that can give him some amount of relief.

Joe Strom
Joe Strom

I've used strainers whilst making macaroni and cheese that are better than this fuck. Del Kevin Steven Bubba Ken Kanniff

Beer Guy
Beer Guy

We need Harding back NOW!

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