Wisconsin's pay-for-snuggle business is already closed

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These professional snugglers are out of jobs.
RIP, Snuggle House. We hardly knew ye.

THE BACKSTORY: Pay-for-snuggle business to open in Wisconsin, swears it's all platonic

Just weeks after it opened, Madison's pay-for-snuggle business is already closed. The Snuggle House's Facebook page indicates it finally succumbed to pressure from city officials, who from the beginning expressed concern that professional "cuddling" was just a front for a brothel of some sort.

News of the closure came out of nowhere, as last Tuesday, the business was still advertising snuggling sessions with Lonnie:


But by Friday, it was all over:


Whoever moderates Snuggle House's Facebook page shed a bit of light on what happened in the comments below the post announcing the closure:


Bummer -- I was looking forward to taking a roadtrip to Madtown for some quality time with ol' Lonnie.

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