Mark Andrew and Robert Lilligren exude class in defeat

Like Dennis Green, both Andrew and Lilligren opted to take the "high road."
Tuesday's election marked the end of Robert Lilligren's more than decade-long tenure on the Minneapolis City Council and Mark Andrew's mayoral dreams.

Lilligren's race was arguably the nastiest of all the City Council contests. And while Andrew's matchup against the other leading mayoral contender and eventual (apparent) winner Betsy Hodges was much more civil, the two of them did exchange a few harsh words here and there.

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Mark Andrew all but concedes to Betsy Hodges

It appears Betsy Hodges will be the next mayor of Minneapolis.
It's still possible for Mark Andrew to become the next mayor of Minneapolis in the same way it's still possible for the Vikings to make the playoffs this season -- in other words, it's not happening anywhere outside a mathematical model.

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That's the conclusion that emerged after the votes were tallied last night. According to the Star Tribune, Hodges won 36 percent of first-choice votes, which was more than 11 points ahead of Andrew. Thanks to ranked choice voting, the final results won't be known until later today -- the elimination rounds cease once a candidate surpasses 50 percent of the vote, and Hodges obviously isn't there yet (for a RCV explainer, click here) -- but at his Graves Hotel election night party, Andrew acknowledged it doesn't appear "possible for me to come back."

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Fancy Ray makes late-breaking bid for mayor of Minneapolis

In a late-breaking development in the Minneapolis mayoral race, local strip club spokesman Fancy Ray McCloney has tossed his hat in the ring as a write-in candidate.

McCloney joined a crowded field of 35 candidates that includes a fake Disney pirate, the Creature from Lake MPLS, and a lady wearing nothing but Saran Wrap.
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Fancy Ray

Openly gay Stephanie Woodruff miffed she didn't get Lavender's mayoral endorsement

Last week, Lavender, an LGBT-focused magazine published in Minneapolis, came out with its 2013 city election endorsements.

The magazine endorsed Mark Andrew for mayor, writing:
Mayor of Minneapolis: Mark Andrew. He is the only real candidate with government and private sector experience who has common sense. (Betsy Hodges was one of the major pushers of taking over Excel Energy and have the city be responsible for your energy, a totally ludicrous $5 billion dollar debt position for the city).
Some commenters on Lavender's post are upset about that endorsement because they think it's too critical of Hodges's views about a possible municipal energy utility. But openly gay, Saran Wrap-loving darkhorse candidate Stephanie Woodruff is miffed because she thinks Minneapolis's leading LGBT publication shouldn't have overlooked her sexuality when making the choice.

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Mayoral candidate Stephanie Woodruff wears nothing but Saran Wrap [VIDEO]

Say one thing about the wide-open Minneapolis mayor's race: We're seeing more nudity than we ever saw of R.T. Rybak.

The latest contender for Mayor of TMI is Stephanie Woodruff, who released a campaign video in which she appears to be wearing Saran Wrap and nothing else.
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Mayoral door knock data litters downtown bridge

Part of a "door-knock sheet" asking potential voters who they expect to vote for.
James Brown is 32 and lives in Minneapolis. The biggest political topic for him is the environment.

How do we know this? It fell off a truck.

That's not a euphemism for theft. As far as we can tell, the information, which was originally collected by political foot soldiers, literally fell off a truck and littered part of the Hennepin Avenue Bridge on Friday.

"That's awesome," Brown told us, adding without irony: "Everyone knows I care about the environment."

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Even Mayor Rybak thinks having 35 candidates vying to replace him is extreme

Rybak agrees: The sample ballot at right is extreme.
When Minneapolis voters head to the polls next week, they'll confront 35 candidates for mayor on the ballot. That includes no fewer than two running as some kind of pirate, and many more running for kicks, or around a pet issue.

Outgoing Mayor R.T. Rybak gets that this state of affairs is kind of a mess. "I know some people are nervous or confused," he wrote on his blog last night.

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- This is the crazy ballot that will confront MPLS voters on Election Day [IMAGE]

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Mark Andrew criticized for misleading mailer, mysterious Hodges-attacking Twitter account

As the Minneapolis mayoral race enters its final week, some are accusing Mark Andrew of busting out some last-minute dirty tactics.

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Andrew is taking heat for distributing an intentionally misleading mailer and for possibly being involved with a mysterious Twitter account that does little besides attack Betsy Hodges. Hodges received the Star Tribune's endorsement over the weekend and seems to be the biggest threat to Andrew's bid to succeed R.T. Rybak.

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Jeff Wagner's Uptake interview: "You need a candidate that's not gonna suck corporate cock" [VIDEO]

Jeff Wagner's UpTake video profile could be linked to from a digital encyclopedia entry on "dudes who look and sound stoned."

SEE ALSO: The new Green Giant looks like he just took a bong rip [PHOTO]

High on life or not, Wagner's interview certainly is entertaining -- not that you'd expect anything less from the guy who came up with this.

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This is the crazy ballot that will confront MPLS voters on Election Day [IMAGE]

We knew the mayor's race in Minneapolis was getting out of control, but this is ridiculous.

Minneapolis voters are receiving their sample ballots in the mail this week, and some have been surprised to see all 35 candidates laid out in three rows for Ranked Choice Voting.
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