Apartment fire in Cedar-Riverside injures 13 [PHOTOS]

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The apartment building is located on the 500 block of Cedar Avenue South, near Palmer's Bar.
:::: UPDATE :::: Tragically, R.T. Rybak didn't get his last wish as mayor

A fire broke out in an apartment building on the morning of New Year's Day in Cedar-Riverside.

Reports say that 13 people were hurt as a result of the fire at 516 Cedar Avenue South, including 6 that have been critically injured.

WCCO reports that both the second and third floors of the apartment have collapsed, and as a result, fire crews could not go inside.

According to the Star Tribune, Minneapolis Fire Chief John Fruetel said there were 50 firefighters attempting to put out the flames. He also stressed the difficulties in fighting fires in such weather conditions. The current temperature outside is -5 degrees.

The apartment building has frozen over after attempts to put out the fire.

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