Buck Otto White arrested during car chase involving gun shots, police say

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Buck Otto White
Shots were fired in Northeast Minneapolis Wednesday after officers and U.S. Marshals tried to pull over a fugitive named Buck Otto White, according to police.

"He took off and Holy Hannah we were off to the races," said John Elder, a police spokesman.

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The chase ended when White crashed his car into a snow embankment in the 3300 block of Como Avenue NE and was taken to the hospital, then custody, Elder said. None of the officers or Marshals involved in the pursuit were injured, he added.

Details are still emerging on who actually fired a gun.

White, also known as Timothy Joseph Hoffman, has been convicted for burglary, assault and possession of a firearm. A federal warrant was issued for his arrest this past summer.

The St. Peter Herald reported earlier this year about a two-hour manhunt involving White, ending in a wooded area in New Prague. Officers confiscated several shotguns and rifles, according to the indictment.

We'll update this as it develops. The U.S. Marshals district office could not be reached for immediate comment.

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He was shot. And just because its a federal case dosent mean hes a bad guy

MNjoe topcommenter

They always put that middle name in there when they want them to seem even more sinister: (Lee Harvey Osward, John Wilkes Booth, James Earl Ray, etc.)  I could see why he didn't want to be called Buck White.


The STrib story indicated that the chase started in NE, over by 16th and Marshall, with a roadblock set up.  The guy bypassed that somehow and made to 33rd & Como SE, by 280, before crashing and taking off on foot for a short distance before being taken in.  Unconfirmed whether he was shot, and if so whether it was at the beginning or end of the chase, etc.


It's too bad the cops didn't just shoot him dead. Would have saved us tax payers a lot of money.


Too bad you dont stand up and fight against the worthless bastards making you pay taxes! Those are the ones who need a bullet!

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