Check out this grisly photo of a severely frostbitten hand, if you dare

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Wear gloves or you might not have a middle finger to extend anymore.
Sure, it's fun to crack jokes about Minnesnowta's seemingly never-ending cold snap, but the frostbite that comes along with it is nothing to laugh about.

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You can see what I mean by clicking past the jump and checking out a photograph of a severely frostbitten hand shared by Pioneer Press photographer and beardo Ben Garvin. (Warning -- it's not for the squeamish.)

Here it is: In the accompanying piece, the PiPress reports that yesterday, all eight intensive-care unit beds in the Regions Hospital's burn center were filled with people suffering from frostbite-related conditions.

"We've had... basically a record-breaking number of frostbite cases coming into Regions," Dr. George Edmonson, an interventional radiologist at the hospital, told the PiPress.

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