CNN criticized for torturing reporter by making her stand amid Mpls' polar vortex [VIDEO]

Cruel and unusual reporting?
In a post on the Mediaite blog, CNN takes heat (no pun intended) for making a reporter stand outside today and report live along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis while the windchill was 44 below.

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"Boasting that they had sent a 'California girl' to the depths of the polar vortex on Monday, CNN repeatedly made correspondent Stephanie Elam trudge onto the banks of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis... to report first-hand on the 'historic and life threatening' cold enveloping the central states," Mediaite writes.

The payoff? Hard-hitting reports about the rate at which Elam's coffee froze, authorities' admonishments not to go outside (while she stood outside), steam coming off the river, and other things you definitely wouldn't need someone to fly to Minneapolis and freeze their ass off to report.

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In any event, here's how Elam's attire transformed over the course of the day:

And here's a mash-up sampling of her reporting:

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