Former GOP Congressman Vin Weber says Republicans are dumb and getting dumber

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Weber, a GOP strategist, said "the most educated people who used to be Republicans are now Democrats."
Vin Weber served as a Republican Congressman from Minnesota from 1981 to 1993. Since retiring from Congress, he was one of Mitt Romney's senior foreign policy advisers during his 2012 presidential run and still works as a D.C.-based GOP strategist.

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So suffice it to say it's a bit surprising to see him say that  Republicans, in general, are dumb and not getting any smarter.

Weber made that head-scratching comment in an NPR report about the "partisan evolution gap." The gist is that a new survey shows less and less Republicans believe in evolution even though more than two-thirds of adults between the ages of 18 and 29 now do.

Furthermore, the research "shows that the evolution belief gap between Republicans and Democrats has since 2009 grown from 10 percentage points to 24 points," to use the words of NPR's Liz Holloran.

Weber was asked to weigh in on those findings. He said he would "resist characterizing this as evidence of a war on science, which I think is BS," and then offered up this nugget:
"I suspect this is a reflection of a trend we've seen, where the most educated people who used to be Republicans are now Democrats, and people with less educational status are now moving into the Republican Party," Weber says.

"Added to that is a realignment along religious lines, with the most religious lining up with the GOP," he said.
If there's anything to what Weber is saying, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that so many Republicans are able to put their brains on sleep mode and still take this person seriously.

h/t -- Robert Moffitt

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