Hipster Vikings logo creator explains the method behind his ridiculousness [IMAGES]

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The Vikings' Norseman: traditional (left), and hipster (right).
This week, self-proclaimed "football humorist" Dave Rappoccio unleashed his latest project -- each NFL logo redesigned for hipsters.

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For the Vikings, Rappoccio added a fedora, nose ring, tongue pillar, and purple highlights to the Norseman we all know and love. A comparison with the real logo is at the top of this post, and here's the hipster version all by its lonesome:

All illustrations and captions via Dave Rappoccio
"I love the cold up here. Since my skinny jeans don't reach my feet I have a sweet frostbite tan going on. Dead skin is totally in right now. "

Reached for comment this morning, Rappoccio said he did all 32 hipster redesigns in just two days.

"I took hipster stereotypes -- PBR, Chuck Taylors, fixies, scarves -- and I just went through and saw which elements I could incorporate into the logos," he said.

Asked about the hipster Norseman in particular, Rappoccio said he "likes the ideas" he had, but added, "I don't know if I'm completely happy with the execution of it."

But he said he's particularly proud of his hipster renderings of the Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns, Seattle Seahawks, and Jacksonville Jaguars:

"I lived in San Francisco for a while, but I got tired of paying $3,700 a month for 2 square feet in the Mission. Oakland is way more laid back, you just gotta get past the death and all."
"I cannot believe plaid went out of style, it's like a bunch of morons run the planet or something. It's like they hired some beautiful man to create a new fabric, then fired him after just one year. What's wrong with this story, man?"
"I spend so much time in my local coffee shop they asked me to pay rent."
"Nobody roots for us, and that's just the way I like it. No crowds, only raw football. Plus, I totally know Chad Henne, he can hook us up, know what I'm saying."

Rappoccio is based -- where else? -- out of our archrival hipster city, Portland.

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