Jeff Dubay compares Kluwe's staunch support of marriage equality to "nazi mentality"

Dubay: Not a Kluwe fan.
ESPN 1500 radio host Jeff Dubay is serving as Mike Priefer's de facto mouthpiece on Twitter today, defending the embattled and allegedly homophobic coach against all Kluwe-loving comers.

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At its core, Dubay's argument seems to go something like this: Kluwe is all about free speech, therefore he's a hypocrite for calling for Priefer's NFL banishment over his alleged comment that "We should round up all the gays, send them to an island, and then nuke it until it glows." Without any apparent sense of irony, Dubay, criticizing Kluwe, writes, "The mindset of moral high ground can dismiss other beliefs leads to nazi mentality."

Here's a sampling of some of the arguments Dubay has been embroiled in today, including an exchange with Twins Daily blogger Nick Nelson:


In September, Dubay waged a protracted, multi-front Twitter war against folks who bashed him for characterizing global warming as "a myth, it's a conspiracy... a left-wing conspiracy" during his radio show. He vowed to quit Twitter after threatening to fight his haters, but, of course, didn't.

Today, at least, we're a bit more entertained than we would've been otherwise as a result, even if it is scary to watch a major-market radio host try to justify a statement encouraging violence against an entire group of people, then turn around and accuse his critics of adopting a "nazi mentality."

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