John Kriesel feuds with former DFL opponent Jen Peterson

Cottage Grove Council Member Peterson (right) doesn't think Kriesel did much to create jobs in Cottage Grove, and didn't appreciate his claim that there are "no jobs" there.
Last night, former MNGOP Rep. John Kriesel got into it on Twitter with the DFLer he defeated in 2010 during his one and only political race to date, Cottage Grove City Council Member Jen Peterson.

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While in office, Kriesel, a 32-year-old decorated war veteran who had his legs blown off in Iraq in 2006, crossed party lines and became one of the Legislature's most outspoken supporters of same-sex marriage. After he announced his retirement from the Legislature following just one term, he got some buzz as a possible MNGOP gubernatorial candidate, but for now isn't involved in politics.

That doesn't mean Kriesel's Twitter feed doesn't get political now and then, however. Check out the exchange he had last night with Peterson, who lost to Kriesel by a narrow 52 percent-48 percent margin: Kriesel ultimately chalked up Peterson's line of questioning to political resentments from yesteryear (the tweets embedded here are from the day after the 2010 election)... ... and said her allegation that he won the seat because of negative campaigning is completely without merit: But regardless of who won the argument, the exchange wasn't entirely without benefit for Peterson: -- Follow Aaron Rupar on Twitter at @atrupar. Got a tip? Drop him a line at

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