Metrodome looks sad during its last days [PHOTO]

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By the end of the weekend, this view will be nothing more than a memory.
The Minneapolis skyline will undergo a significant change on Saturday when power to the Metrodome is cut.

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Jenn Hathaway, communications director for the Sports Facilities Authority, told us that turning the power off will result in the Dome's roof deflating for the final time.

Maybe it's for the best, though. Check out how sad the Metrodome looks right now: Hathaway said both the cables used to hold up the Dome's roof and the roof itself will be recycled.

The roof, in particular, will be used "in other construction projects because it's so indestructible," Hathaway said. In other words, the material must be higher-quality than the Teflon-coated fiberglass that made up the Dome's roof prior to its snownami-induced December 2010 collapse, as that stuff was merely converted into handbags.

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