Not fabulous: Twin Cities no longer among Advocate's gayest metros

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Just three years ago, Minneapolis was the gayest city in all of America. But thereafter lumped together with its sister city, Minneapolis/St. Paul has now fallen right off the Advocate's list of the gayest metros.

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The Advocate's annual ranking of America's gayest places doesn't include Minneapolis/St. Paul in its top 15 this year. Frankly, in the Advocate's eyes, we've been getting straighter and straighter each year since Minneapolis's 2011 triumph -- in 2012, MSP was seventh, and in 2013, we fell to tenth.

The Advocate determined the rankings using an algorithm that accounts for the sexual identity of elected officials, good gay bars (according to Out Magazine), and the number of women's colleges, along with sillier stuff like Mariah Carey concert dates and the existence of Gay Rodeo associations, among other factors.

Here's this year's list:

1. D.C.
2. Pasadena
3. Seattle
4. Cambridge
5. Atlanta
6. St. Louis
7. Madison
8. Salt Lake City
9. Oakland
10. Arlington, Virginia
11. San Francisco
12. Rochester, New York
13. Orlando
14. Long Beach, California
15. Pittsburgh

Asked about the Twin Cities' precipitous fall, Advocate editor and gayest cities list author Matthew Breen chalked it up to the list's ever-changing algorithm. Last year, for instance, it accounted for roller derbys, shopping, and each metro's ranking on the HRB Corporate Equality Index. Those favorable-for-MSP factors weren't included this year, however.

But in light of the fact that Minnesota's newfound marriage equality law isn't accounted for by the Advocate, we conclude the only thing not fabulous here is the list's methodology.

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Geoff Becraft
Geoff Becraft

Are people actually concerned about what this advocate thinks? We live in a great or straight. Plenty to enjoy for us all.

Tim Williams
Tim Williams

Whats the criteria for placement on this list?

Kayla Fuller
Kayla Fuller

Don't worry, we're still plenty gay. D.C. as the gayest? Yeah right, *we* have gay marriage!

Katy Bernie Glesener
Katy Bernie Glesener

NEVER did i think i'd see Salt Lake City coming before Minneapolis on a list like this!

digitalprotocol topcommenter

this list seems made up

it seems very queer


Dumb stuff like, Gay Rodeos, All Girl Schools...pointless stuff, ya know. Not the important stuff like Equal Marriage.

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