Rep. Ryan Winkler "guardedly confident" minimum wage increase gets done this session

Last year, bills raising the minimum wage from $6.15 passed the House and Senate. But the House wanted to raise the floor much higher than the Senate ($9.50 to $7.75, respectively), and DFL leaders never came to an agreement.

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So as you'd imagine, getting a minimum wage increase done is a top DFL priority this session.

Reached for comment today, the author of the House bill, Rep. Ryan Winkler, said he's "guardedly confident we can pass a good minimum wage."
Rep. Winkler

Winkler said the governor supports the more significant increase favored by the House.

"The governor and the House are on board and a majority of DFL senators are on board, but not all," Winkler said. "We're focusing on getting senators to try and support the House position, or something close to it."

Winkler characterized the increase passed by the Senate last session as "essentially doing nothing" since the current federal rate is $7.25. (President Obama favors increasing it to $10.10.)

"I think it's a top priority," Winkler said. "It's one of the most important issues we'll deal with [this session], and our hope is to get a good bill passed within the first two weeks."

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When are we going to realize this is about payback? Does anyone wonder why unions are a major drivingn force behind this movement? Isn't it their job to organize workers to collectively bargain for things like higher wages? Let's be honest, this isn't really about helping the working poor. This is about automatic pay increases for union workers. It really is a smart grassroots organizing effort.


Raising Minimum wage will do nothing but result in more unemployment.  The thing Liberals never understand is that Min Wage is meant for entry level pay.  It never was meant for raising a family or to live off your entire life.  If a person drops out of High School or refuses to educate themselves past High School level, Liberals think the rest of us are responsible to provide them a good living!  Bull!   If you can't afford to raise and support children, don't have them until you can afford it!  I

I suffered and went without for many years while educating and working up to 16 hrs a day!  I don't owe the losers of society nothing!

midwestexplorer81 topcommenter

If we want good jobs back in the U.S. we need high tariffs on goods from countries with lower labor standards, lower safety standards, and lower environmental standards than us. Only then will demand for workers bring wages back up. Raising minimum wage while we're competing against foreign workers for jobs isn't going to do anything for the middle class. 

 The way the largest employers in Minnesota control costs these days is by cutting people. Sadly if minimum wage goes up employees at Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Kohls, and all the other retailers will see hours cut or employment ended.

mingtran topcommenter

Maybe. But even more it's a way for the left to further their vise grip on lower class populists with no upward mobility. All this fuss for 3% of the population, none of whom are heads of household.

The saga of stupidity by force continues.

ron.fresquez topcommenter

@MNpride  More drivel from an uneducated, knuckle dragging Tea Bagger. Crawl back into your hole. 

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@MNpride  Studies prove this is a lie.  Minimum wage increases do not increase unemployment.  You know they have raised the minimum wage before and studied what happened.  You can't just talk out of your ass and make up stuff stupid.   Increasing the minimum wage is a way to stop subsidizing Walmart's profits.   Raising the minimum wage puts more money into everyone's pockets.   George W. Bush supporters don't get to lecture about the economy stupid.  We tried your dumb ideas and they didn't work.   

mingtran topcommenter

Lol. You are MB

mingtran topcommenter

Which studies?

mingtran topcommenter

Citing Paul Krugman is like citing Barak Obama. Both were created in a lab and are full of shit. You should cite people with good track records like Ron Paul, who destroyed Paul Krugman and showed the world on live tv a while back how little Krugman knows.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@mingtran  Like you would even care or read them asshole.  There are plenty.  Google and summarize your findings.  I will simply post what much smart people than I had to say.  Let's see if you are smart enough to actually disprove anything they say. 

Paul Krugman, Princeton University, February 2013“Now, you might argue that even if the current minimum wage seems low, raising it would cost jobs. But there’s evidence on that question — lots and lots of evidence, because the minimum wage is one of the most studied issues in all of economics. U.S. experience, it turns out, offers many ‘natural experiments’ here, in which one state raises its minimum wage while others do not. And while there are dissenters, as there always are, the great preponderance of the evidence from these natural experiments points to little if any negative effect of minimum wage increases on employment.” 

Bloomberg News, April 2012: "[A] wave of new economic research is disproving those arguments about job losses and youth employment. Previous studies tended not to control for regional economic trends that were already affecting employment levels, such as a manufacturing-dependent state that was shedding jobs. The new research looks at micro-level employment patterns for a more accurate employment picture. The studies find minimum-wage increases even provide an economic boost, albeit a small one, as strapped workers immediately spend their raises.” 

Like a stupid child you won't bother to read or respond to any of the actual content of what Krugman says.  I'm guessing you will just say he is a liberal so blah blah blah.  

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