R.T. Rybak cracks awesome Rob Ford joke as he prepares for official unauguration

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R.T. says he has a little Rob Ford in him.
The day after Betsy Hodges was elected, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman gave her this advice: "What­ever you do, you don't want to take les­sons from the may­or of To­ron­to."

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He was speaking, of course, of Rob Ford, the colorful, crack-smoking mayor of Toronto.

Hodges is being sworn in today, and as R.T. Rybak prepares to officially become the former mayor, he took a moment to crack a pretty awesome joke that also references Ford: It sounds like R.T. might've gotten his inner Rob Ford out of him in high school, when he admittedly smoked his share of weed. During a recent interview, R.T. said he eventually gave the green stuff up because it left him feeling depressed.

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