Serge Vorobyov, man who made it rain at MOA, winds up in jail

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Serge's mugshot
On Black Friday, Apple Valley resident Serge Vorobyov made it rain cash at the Mall of America. He framed his stunt as an act of altruism, but his soon-to-be ex-wife said Serge's motives were less pure than he was letting on.

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Serge dreamed big about ways to prolong his proverbial 15 minutes, but none of them came to fruition. And over the weekend, he wound up in Dakota County Jail.

Arrest records indicate Serge was arrested at 4:20 p.m. Friday. As the following Facebook post indicates, he was due to appear in divorce court the same day:


Records indicate Serge was arrested on suspicion of one count of "Contempt of Court - Disorderly - Interrupt Proceedings" and another of "Contempt of Court - Willful Disobedience to Court Mandate." That's all we know right now.

It appears Serge remains in custody this morning. His bail is $2,000 without conditions, meaning that $1,000 he literally threw away at the MOA would probably come in pretty handy right about now.

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Paul Gerold
Paul Gerold

Your first mistake was equating City Pages as actual serious journalism/news.

Matthew Sheldon
Matthew Sheldon

The city pages is just a gossip tabloid :) Similar to tmz.

Kelly Andersen
Kelly Andersen

They are stating facts, get over it already. The clowns a moron.

Nick Jude
Nick Jude

The world has a funny little way of working itself out...

Aaron Dahle
Aaron Dahle

Tony, lol, first we would have to consider this news.

Tony LaLonde
Tony LaLonde

Is commentary appropriate for news? "...meaning that $1,000 he literally threw away at the MOA would probably come in pretty handy right about now." Journalism/news should provide facts, not quips.

TweetsAreYours topcommenter

I love how people post this comment as if they've just discovered a cure for cancer. #TweetsAreYours

Drewey topcommenter

If you don't understabd how city pages works perhaps you should refrain from commenting. 

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