Gopher fan's response to being shown on kiss cam with sister goes viral [VIDEO]

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The kiss cam is awkward pretty much no matter what, but that's especially the case when your kisser is shown on the big screen along with someone you definitely don't want to smooch -- a relative, platonic friend, or person with a cold sore, for instance.

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But instead of merely looking uncomfortable while the boos rained down, a fan at the Gophers men's hockey game on Valentine's night came ready to tell everyone in attendance exactly why he wasn't willing to kiss the woman he accompanied to Mariucci.

Here's the video:

The clip has proven extremely popular since it was uploaded to YouTube yesterday by an official U of M account, amassing nearly 400,000 views.

As the old proverb goes, he who is well prepared goes viral. (Or something to that effect.)

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