Kevin Love was the NBA's best player in February [VIDEOS]

Step aside, LeBron, and eat your heart out, Durant. Because this month, Minneapolis has been home to the best basketball player in the world.

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In February, Kevin Love averaged an otherworldly 34 points (that's a franchise record for an individual month), 14 rebounds, and four assists per game, while shooting 41 percent from three-point land. And last night, K-Love came within an assist of notching his second career triple-double (the first happened last Saturday night in Utah), putting up a ridiculous 33-13-9 during a must-win contest in Phoenix (the Wolves prevailed 110-101).

To put that in perspective, we bring you this tweet from ESPN's Tom Haberstroh (for more on the brilliant statistic that is Player Efficiency Rating, click here): SEE ALSO: Bill Simmons says Kevin Love has already decided to dump Minnesota

Want video proof of how awesome K-Love has been? Here's highlights of his performance last night in the desert:

And here's another clip of the triple-double he put up in Utah (both videos are produced by the always amazing Dawk Ins):

Put it all together and we'd expect K-Love's first-ever Western Conference Player of the Month Award to be in his short-term future.

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mingtran topcommenter

What a player

ajlalk3 topcommenter

And yet, if you ask most "fans", they'll say he is the reason they will miss the playoffs, because he should single handedly be able to carry an entire team to 46 wins all by himself. Which is almost what he's already doing. Not his fault Pek can't stay healthy, Ricky can't shoot, and the bench can't play at all.

Hans Dykema
Hans Dykema

His word? Kahn screwed up not giving Love the five years he wanted originally. The compromise to not getting the full five year contract was instead allowing him the flexibility to leave after three years. A huge mistake by the Wolves.

Bartow Kilgo Jr.
Bartow Kilgo Jr.

Or he backs out of his word and opts out of his contract next year

Grant Nelson
Grant Nelson

And it is just a matter of time before they trade him away.

mingtran topcommenter

I can't remember anyone ever asking Love to do more, he is stupid good and already does everything. The bench has been tearing it up for being "the bench", at least lately. Actual fans are fed up with Rubio and Barrea, and wouldn't mind dishing Buddinger and Shved. Are YOU actually a fan?

jason.dorweiler topcommenter

I am and I think our bench has been putting good numbers. I watch nearly every game and Rubio does a whole lot more then shooting to control the ball on both sides of the floor. We have to be more consistent though for sure.

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