Man beaten, robbed while trying to link up with St. Paul woman he met on 1-800-Singles

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Clockwise from top, Tommie Green, Colleen Cloud, Cloud's apartment building, Marcus Green, Anthony Thomas, and Devonte Carter.
Don't have a date tonight? As the following story illustrates, it could be worse.

A 34-year-old man was beaten bloody Monday while trying to meet up with a St. Paul woman he met on something called 1-800-Singles.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim called police to report he was waiting outside at 1501 West Seventh Street to meet up with "Staci"  when he was approached by roughly half a dozen males, three of them wearing face masks.

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One had a gun and told the victim to "Give me everything you got!" The victim said he had nothing, at which point he was pistol-whipped and stomped, and the suspects made off on foot with his Samsung phone.

Officers were able to trace Staci's phone number to a Colleen Cloud living in a neighboring property at 1511 West Seventh Street. They entered the property and found four men inside -- 28-year-old Anthony Thomas, 22-year-old Devonte Carter, 27-year-old Tommie Green, and his brother, 21-year-old Marcus Green -- along with a gun and the victim's phone. Two of the suspects were hiding
suspiciously under a pile of clothes when officers arrived.

Thomas and Marcus Green were then taken outside by cops. The complaint details what happened next:
Thomas and Marcus Green were placed in Officer Sweeny's squad car. They seemed to be unaware that there was a camera and microphones picking up their conversation. Sweeny was able to hear the following phrases, "The pistol's in there, I'm on probation;" "She's going to snitch on everything bro;" "We should have left n****, what's our story bro?"
Cloud later told authorities that the four men -- including her boyfriend, Thomas -- showed up at her apartment and asked her to do a "dating call." They told her to tell prospective dates they'd have to "pay to play," with the plan being for the men to head outside when her date arrived to "scare him and take his money."

All four men and Cloud were charged with first-degree robbery.

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