Metrodome walls brought down in massive explosion [VIDEOS]

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A few weeks ago, the Metrodome cables came down. Yesterday, its walls were blown to bits.

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The first month and change of 2014 has been chock-full of Metrodome demolition images, but none have been dramatic than these video clips shot yesterday:

Goodbye, old friend. You may have been filled with stale air and rife with bad sightlines, but you'll be missed nonetheless.

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CinBlueland topcommenter

Should have been used from the start. Controlled demo is faster and more efficient.

PF Wilson
PF Wilson

Well, in 20 years they'll be doing it all over again. "But the stadium is 20 years old!" - The Vikings in 2034

ajlalk3 topcommenter

No, they won't. If you honestly couldn't see how outdated the Dome was, then anything else I tell you won't get through your foggy brain.

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