Minneapolis and Edina beefing over 50th & France parking

Palmisano (left) said her dispute with Neal (right) embodies "the suburban versus city approach in terms of addressing a parking problem."
Just last month, Linea Palmisano took over for Betsy Hodges as the City Council representative for Minneapolis's affluent 13th Ward in the southwest part of town.

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Heading in, Palmisano recognized that the parking situation near 50th and France is a major issue that needs to be dealt with. So she was less than thrilled to see a blog post on Edina's city website criticizing Minneapolis officials for their handling of the situation before she even had a chance to meet with her counterparts on the west side of France Avenue.

In a post entitled "No Fair," Edina City Manager Scott Neal points out that Minneapolis officials have gotten in the habit of acknowledging "the benefit of Edina-provided free public parking in the 50th & France parking ramps."

"This is annoying to me because we are currently talking about doing over $5 million worth of improvements to those municipal parking ramps, which will be paid for soley by assessments to the property owners at 50th & France, but only on the Edina side of France Avenue," Neal wrote. "We don't have the legal authority to assess these costs to property owners on the Minneapolis side of France Avenue, even though those property owners benefit from our municipal parking ramps, too."

Neal concludes by urging Minneapolis officials "to work together with the City of Edina to create a new Special Services District that would allow Edina to be able to spread the cost of building and maintaining those municipal parking ramps over the properties that actually benefit from them -- on both sides of France Avenue."

Reached for comment Friday, Palmisano said Neal "should not have started that conversation in this way," adding that she has a meeting with him scheduled for tomorrow.

"It started as a very confrontational, negative thing about Minneapolis," she said. "We definitely need to do something, but investing in free parking never solves a parking problem."

Tactics aside, Palmisano said Neal's position doesn't account for the fact that the Minneapolis side of 50th and France is more residential and less dense than the Edina side.

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ron.fresquez topcommenter

I have lived in Edina for about 20 years and why is this an issue now? We have a smart mayor and smart city council and they will figure it out. 


Remind Edina that they're the ones who wanted free parking and they got it. It's free, so why should anyone, Mpls or Edina, have to pay? 

Oh wait, out-of-touch suburbanites don't like to actually have to pay for using (not free) land to store their private possessions on said land up front and would rather play pretend and hide the costs elsewhere to make it feel like it's free, even pushing the real costs onto neighboring Mpls which has no say on what goes on in Edina's boundaries, like if they choose to build a parking ramp and not charge anything for it.

In any case, plenty of people pay to park in  business districts just like 50th & France all over the nation: even in other Midwestern cities. Simply adjust the rate to match demand from the free market to ensure good turnaround to allow more customers who are arriving by car rather than lots of letting lots of cars sit for hours for free while others circle round and round looking for parking.

Jake Lundgren
Jake Lundgren

My man Christopher Gordon Storlie is right on this one folks. By the way, I am out of toilet paper. What would Edina do?

Bob B Bopp
Bob B Bopp

Get out of the car? In THAT neighborhood?

Nick Fritzen
Nick Fritzen

Pay parking and that area will never be the same. Transit improvements? The Customers for that area will not bus or bike. The Red Cow parking situation is a disaster now too. No street parking to the north. Mpls is forcing people to use Edina's ramps.

Breanne Johnson
Breanne Johnson

Michael , Shannon , Tony ... its a real Leslie Knope / Jam situation


Park in the neighborhood and walk a couple blocks?

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