Photo of Bitcoin beggar outside Dinkytown McDonald's goes viral

kingbot on Reddit
A photo of a man begging for Bitcoins outside the Dinkytown McDonald's is blowing up Reddit, with more than 500,000 views since it was posted yesterday.

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The photo, visible above, nicely juxtaposes the tech-savvy beggar's "Every Bit Helps" sign with McDonald's plea for workers.

"Found a guy begging for bitcoins, wonder if he noticed the sign behind him," kingbot, the Reddit poster who published the photo, wrote.

We dropped kingbot a line in hopes of learning more about his viral shot but haven't heard back as this is published.

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midwestexplorer81 topcommenter

What would have been funny is if a real poor person pushed this dork into the snow bank and stole his wallet which probably had 10 bucks and a credit card linked to mom's account in it. What a loser.

Marcus Metropolis
Marcus Metropolis

Douche Hipster. I bet the d-ring has fake keys on it as well.


I'm guessing two things here. First, he and his photographer realized he was in front of a sign that read we are now hiring and second that he is not a beggar.

Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson

And the punch line is we are now hiring. Why is this news?

Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan

Mike Jacobson Christopher Weidenbacher

Pat Cannon
Pat Cannon

Ha, I'm gonna act all hip to my out-of-town friends from now on: "Oh yeah, we haven't used dollars in the 612 since forever."

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