Reid Sagehorn won't be charged for tweet about kissing a teacher

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Reid Sagehorn picture via Jacki V. Seniors
Reid Sagehorn remains suspended from Rogers High School, but the senior three-sport athlete and honors student won't face criminal charges for tweeting about kissing a young gym teacher.

THE BACKSTORY: Rogers school's suspension of Reid Sagehorn for Twitter joke sparks #FreeReid movement

"No charges will be filed related to this case as there is insufficient evidence of a criminal offense," a statement released by the Hennepin County Attorney's Office this afternoon says.

Reid maintains the since-deleted tweet was clearly meant in jest and shouldn't have been taken seriously by anyone, and students have rallied behind his cause with the #FreeReid social media movement. Investigators, however, have expressed little sympathy.

"We sent the case down for review by the county attorney," Rogers Police Chief Jeff Beahen told ECM Publishers earlier this week. "The case would be potentially criminal defamation. The student said something about a teacher that could have cost her career."

"The teacher is a victim, she's being harassed," he continued.

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