Someone put a deer carcass in their single-sort recycling bin

This fella isn't meant to be recycled!
From the "burying the lede" file:

This morning, the Sioux Falls Argus Leader published a story entitled, "Too much trash is going into recycling bins, garbage handlers say." Whatever. But 13 paragraphs deep is this Weird Wisconsin-worthy passage:

Last week, Advanced Recycling saw a deer carcass come through its system.

"There's a lot of nasty items that come through the single stream," [an Advanced Recycling official] said.
Holy hell. Did whoever put the deer corpse in their single-sort bin not realize the damn thing is pretty much the epitome of biodegradable?

In any event, Chris Goodwin, customer relations manager for Eureka Recycling, the nonprofit that handles recycling services for St. Paul, Roseville, and a number of other metro cities, says he's never heard of anything as weird as a deer carcass coming through one of Eureka's facilities. But one serious problem his organization frequently encounters is people trying to recycle hypodermic needles.

"People are taught to put needles in laundry detergent bottles, but in a different part of the world they are told those bottles are recyclable," Goodwin says. "But bottles with needles in them should go in the trash, not the recycling."

"If bottles with needles in them are on a truck bouncing around, it could rupture and people can get injured if they put their hands in there," he continues.

In sum, doing hands-on labor in a recycling facility isn't a job for the squeamish!

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h/t -- Dan Haugen

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Should have gone in the organics/compost bin!  LOL

Yankee Doodle Pablo
Yankee Doodle Pablo

And don't dump it out into the woods on public land. Conservation officer will tag you for littering.


Maybe they were mad that the city got rid of our discount for recycling and added a fee for rain water, causing about a $20 monthly increase to our water and garbage bill. Those liberals just can't steal and spend our money fast enough!

Kirk Evan McConkey
Kirk Evan McConkey

someone threw a dear skin on my parent's lawn last winter that was a real joy to clean up. wish i coulda seen the truck i'd have tracked it down and taken a huge shit on their engine block.

Aaron Nelson
Aaron Nelson

I slipped on a deer that was in our sites roll off. Whoever decided to put it there with our used carpet and razor blades, I will never forgive you.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

@SosMpls what are you even talking about you fucking loon?

nothing you said is applicable to this

go get your grade 8


@digitalprotocol @SosMpls

I'm sure you aren't a home owner, just a mindless troll livin' in your mom's basement. And, name callin' and cursin' are the signs of the ignorant.

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