Sports Facilities Commission denies trying to censor Metrodome demolition photos

The MSFC doesn't want folks on its payroll to be tweeing out photos like this anymore.
Curtis Schmillen works as a subcontractor for the Minnesota Sports Facilities Commission. He spends a lot of time at the site of the new Vikings stadium and has gotten in the habit of sharing pics of the ongoing Metrodome demolition from his personal Twitter account.

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But those days have come to an end after the MSFC asked him to stop tweeting out the photos.

Here's a representative tweet from Schmillen, along with what he had to say about the Facilities Commission's request (the ones that don't load totally have since been deleted by him): Over on Facebook, Schmillen provided a bit more detail (his account is protected, meaning only his friends can read his posts):
I am NOT a Facebook guy. I was doing a Twiiter [sic] feed to share pictures of the new Vikings Stadium, but was asked to stop and let the Vikings and/or the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority control that medium. I was directed to use Facebook to keep some control over who sees the photos.

Obviously, lots of folks are interested in seeing what is happening with the demolition of the Metrodome and the construction of the new facility (Minnesota Multi-Purpose Stadium). I will share that with those that "hook up" with me. And to my beautiful bride ... sorry for mocking you repeatedly for being on Facebook.
Schmillen's tweets and Facebook post prompted MPR's Bob Collins to write a blog post casting the Facilities Commission's motivations in a quasi-sinister light. But reached for comment today, MSFC Director of Communication Jenn Hathaway said it's "nothing nefarious."

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