T-Wolves Podcast, episode 2: K-Love's greatness goes to waste [AUDIO]

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Pek is on the shelf -- again. That's not helping Flip and Rick surround K-Love's greatness with greatness.
Just before the 2012 Olympics, Kevin Love was asked how much patience he had for the Timberwolves front office's effort to put together a playoff-caliber roster.

"My patience is not high," he replied. "Would yours be, especially when I'm a big proponent of greatness surrounding itself with greatness?"

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On Saturday night in Atlanta, Love was beyond great, putting up a ridiculous 43 points and 19 rebounds. His teammates, however, were not, and the Wolves fell 120-113, dropping their season record back below .500.

During the second installment of our new Timberwolves podcast, yours truly and fellow diehard T-Pups fan William Davis (of AM950 fame) break down what the franchise's inability to surround K-Love's greatness with greatness means both in the short and long run, how much the T-Wolves miss the injured Nikola Pekovic, whether it's fair to call Corey Brewer's season a disappointment, and much, much more.

Without further ado, here's the audio:

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