Aftermath of St. Patrick's Day Uptown hit-and-run caught on film [VIDEO]

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Video screengrab via Matt Scott
The suspect bolted from the scene on foot, but police arrested him blocks away.
-- Update, including suspect mugshot, at bottom --

Last night, Matt Scott was chilling at Kiku Bistro when he observed a driver smash into a Mini Cooper parked on Hennepin Avenue.

"The guy hit the car and instantly got out and bolted down the street," Scott told us. But five to ten minutes later, with his Crown Victoria still idling on Hennepin, he returned to the scene of the crime.

Witnesses weren't about to let him drive off, however. In fact, a tattoo artist based out of a neighboring business actually physically removed him from his car. The suspect then took off on foot.

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Scott, who moved his own car out of the space occupied by the unfortunate Mini Cooper just minutes earlier, caught the whole thing on tape. The latter part of his footage shows him and the Cooper owner, Katie Logan, traveling with an officer to identify the suspect, who was arrested nearby a short time later.

Here's the video:

St. Patrick's Day hit and run in Minneapolis from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Scott said the suspect "was on crack or something, he was messed up." Reached for comment this afternoon, Minneapolis Police Department spokesman John Elder said he didn't immediately know the name of the suspect but would get back to us with more information (see update at bottom).
Katie Logan
Logan thinks her damaged Cooper is a lost cause.

Logan, who was waiting to get a tattoo when her car was smashed, says her Mini Cooper is almost certainly totaled.

"The axle is all screwed up, all the lights are broken, the bumper is all screwed up, and there's a hole in one of the tires," she told us. "It's not worth getting fixed."

"A sober Irish woman on St. Paddy's... Clearly I will be drinking next year, learned that lesson," Logan added.

:::: UPDATE ::::

MPD spokesman John Elder identified the suspect as 26-year-old Jose Ibarra. Elder said Ibarra was "non-compliant" with officers during his arrest and was transported to the hospital for treatment. He was then hauled to Hennepin County Jail and booked on suspicion of DWI.

Here's Ibarra's mugshot:


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MN got 2 many Snitches rot in hell to the guy playing Cop

kurt124 topcommenter

Deport, Prolly an Illegal.  


Why would the car not worth being fixed? The state law is to be totalled the damage has to be approximately 84% (or so not sure exact percentage) of the value of the vehicle. So unless it is $15K worth of damage it is not likely it is totalled. A new axle is probably 1500 - I had a late model POS (Suzuki Swift) that had a broken axle and it was 800 to fix back in the mid 90s, so unless the prices have quintupled I think she is fine. Even if it is totalled, a lot of times you can purchase the car from the insurace with a salvage title and the settlement would include getting it fixed. 

Ferrous Oxide
Ferrous Oxide

While it sucks that this happened to her, and maybe her Mini was an older run-down model, a Mini Cooper is about a 20k (or more if a fancy model) car. That damage is a few grand at most. The "it's not worth fixing" attitude is a mite strange to me.

Tom Parsons
Tom Parsons

That's not a crown vic. That's a mecury marquis


@cenger30 The new law is when damages exceed 80% of it's retail value but most of the older titles say 70%. BUT the law has nothing to do with a total loss it's just the point when the title must be branded. An insurance carrier can total the car at any point where damage plus salvage= value.

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