Dennis Nguyen pulls out of Secretary of State race

Dennis Nguyen photo via Facebook
Days after we reported about a controversy over Dennis Nguyen's alleged taste for strip clubs, he's pulled out of the Secretary of State race.

Nguyen, a Republican who works in private equity, announced the move on his Facebook page this morning.

"My four young children require my active involvement in their lives. Additionally, global equity markets are on the upswing and I need to focus on bringing a number of New Asia Partners' investments to the market in 2014," Nguyen wrote. "This will require spending a lot of time over the next few months traveling both domestically and internationally. With my many ongoing obligations, both business and civic, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for me to make a full time commitment to a statewide campaign at this time."

We touched based with with Nguyen's campaign manager and spokesman, Sen. Brendan Petersen, R-Andover, and asked him whether the strip club controversy had anything to do with Nguyen's decision.

"The statement speaks to the rationale of him leaving the race," Petersen said. "It speaks for itself."

On that note, here's the rest of Nguyen has to say in it:
"My campaign for Secretary of State emphasized the following three themes. First, I wanted to make the SoS office the one stop shop for job creation and capital formation in the state of Minnesota. Second, we need to ensure that any one who votes, votes legitimately. Finally, the Republican Party in Minnesota and throughout the United States needs to build a bigger tent in order for us to survive electorally in the twenty-first century. That means taking our conservative message of economic and social empowerment, fiscal prudence, and personal responsibility to non-traditional Republican audiences such as minorities, youth, and working class folks.

I am honored to receive such deep and wide support from all corners of our state. I would like to thank the many supporters of my campaign but most importantly, Speaker Steve Sviggum, Ron Eibensteiner, Michael Macaluso, Frank Jao, Nghi Huynh, Diane Johnson, Ken Cutler, Stan Hubbard, Sen David Senjem, Sen Branden Petersen, Sen Jeremy Miller, Sen Eric Pratt, Sen Roger Chamberlain, Sen David Osmek, Rep Steve Drazkowski, Rep Brian Johnson, Rep Jim Abeler, Rep Mike Beard, Rep Jenifer Loon, and Rep Cindy Pugh.

I will still be actively engaged in our Minnesota Republican Party and look forward to enthusiastically supporting our Republican nominee for Secretary of State in 2014. This will be a tough election and all hands are needed on deck. I look forward to advancing our fiscally responsible, big tent message in the years to come."
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Doug Mulville
Doug Mulville

and the titty bar takes down another GOP'er....


Known to bring different dates to events!??! Ohmigod, get a noose.


Who's Sen. Brendan Petersen? 

FFS Rupar, I'm not perfect at proofreading, but you're published. 

Dog Gone
Dog Gone topcommenter

I'm not surprised that we are getting the standard family excuse.

But seriously - NONE of that reflects a CHANGE from when he announced his decision to run.  Therefore it seems, in spite of the non-denial denial that this has anything to do with his predilection for strip clubs, that reality is - it has EVERYTHING to do with his going to strip clubs.

And geeze, if he has the time to go to strip clubs instead of spending that time with his four children, how much of a priority can his family really be?

Of the people he thanked in that list that I actually know, I really don't see any of them continuing that initial support once the strip club story got out.

This looks like trying to put lipstick on the strip club attendance pig, an attempt to nice-iup his damaged image with the holier-than-thou / we-hate-human-sexuality right wingers in the Tea Party and the MN GOP.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

The Republican Party is  whites only Mr. Nguyen.    I'm sure when you started to run you thought it would be about the issues but little did you know your brown skin would prove so offensive to Republicans they would pretend the few times you've gone to a strip club is a big issue.    The most shameful thing is the media who enables the Republican elites by printing stories like the one Rupar published about you.  He will gladly help the racists do their dirty work while quoting them as anonymous sources.   If the Republican base wasn't completely racist they might stick up for you Mr. Nguyen but I suspect they are pretty happy to see you out of the race.  I'm sure the Republicans will find the perfect white person to lose to the DFL candidate by 10 points.  I know for a fact the white media members won't ask the while male if he has ever gone to a strip club.  

digitalprotocol topcommenter

"global equity markets are on the upswing"

very sophisticated excuse

come on good sir, we need more strip clubs in growing markets with cheaper pricing structures!

Dog Gone
Dog Gone topcommenter

@MicheleBachmann Well, yes, the MN GOP and the larger GOP and Tea Party are very much whites only, but let us acknowledge that they do like their occasional token minorities and women so long as they stay in their place and don't expect any real authority, power or influence.

I saw him as one of the token minorities the party would try to trot out so they could try to deny they really are a racist bunch of white guys who only value people of European descent.

But Mr. Nguyen doesn't fit the standard where you have to appeal to the holier-than-thou-crowd now.

I doubt that any supporters new that weakness before the strip club story.

It would have been refreshing if he just came out and said his former supporters were all a bunch of puritans and prudes...but that kind of refreshing honesty is too much to hope for from anyone connected with right wing politics.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@Dog Gone You are right about that.  I was mostly just trolling to piss off Republicans.   They do love to run tokens.  My favorite example of this was Herman Cain.   Remember when he was briefly in the lead for the Presidential nomination?    For a brief period he was neck and neck with Rick Perry and then that scandal about Rick Perry's hunting land dropped.  Then Herman Cain had the nerve to say that naming your hunting land after the N word might be a bad thing and it caused him to drop in the polls.  Limbaugh said he was playing the race card.   It is hard to feel sympathy for Herman Cain since he was mostly running to sell books and get a job with Fox News but still it had to be a good reminder to him about how Republicans really saw him.   

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