Gardy, Twins pull funny prank on Mike Pelfrey [VIDEO]

If the baseball thing doesn't work out, it doesn't appear Pelfrey has a future as a motivational speaker.
The Twins aren't expected to be very good on the field this year, but hey, at least they've got good locker room chemistry!

Or so it appears judging by the way Gardy and a group of players, led by closer Glen Perkins, pranked starting pitcher Mike Pelfrey.

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Gardy summoned Pelfrey, a Wichita State alum, into his office and asked him to deliver an inspirational speech over the phone to the Shockers undefeated top-seeded basketball team before their NCAA Tournament matchup on Sunday against Kentucky. (Pelfrey's school would go on to lose a heartbreaker 78-76.)

But turned out Pelfrey was really just being ribbed. Here's the video:

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k2yeb topcommenter

I hope they take the season more seriously than they did last year. Shame we paid Mauer leader money for a follower result (in the clubhouse). 

Rob Peterson
Rob Peterson

I don't care what their record is (obviously I do), these guys are great.

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