Here's the Facebook rant Jeff Dubay deleted after he was abruptly fired by Tom Barnard

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Dubay made a triumphant return to the radio last year after ending up behind bars thanks to a crack addiction.
:::: UPDATE :::: Jeff Dubay, Sean Barnard waging social media war on each other

Barely two weeks into his new gig as a podcast host for the Tom Barnard Network, Jeff Dubay was abruptly fired yesterday.

When Dubay was let go by 1500 ESPN in January, he accepted the news with equanimity and actually thanked the Hubbard family "for the great opportunity." This time around, however, he posted a vitriolic Facebook rant in which he characterized Sean Barnard, general manager of the Tom Barnard Network, as "a genuinely bad person with no sense of ethics or professionalism whatsoever who let's his alcoholism dictate how he conducts business."

Here's Dubay's rant, which was quickly deleted along with his entire Facebook and Twitter accounts:


Before he deleted his Twitter account, Dubay tweeted that Barnard's "lawyers have threatened me but the [Facebook] posts are the truth. Do your worst."

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"I've never felt more beaten in my entire life," Dubay added.

Neither Tom or Sean Barnard have gone public with their side of the story. But on Twitter, Tom is trying to take the high road.

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