Here's video of massive brawl that has Roseville cops blasting LA Fitness for lax security

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LAFitness GangViolence on YouTube
A still image from video of the melee.
A massive brawl that recently broke out at Roseville's LA Fitness is symptomatic of deeper security problems at the gym, Roseville police spokesman Lorne Rosand says.

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The brawl, which involved about 15 juveniles and young men and took place just after 3 p.m. on March 2, stemmed from a basketball game being played by "two Somalian groups," Rosand told us.

"It sounds like it may have been a pickup game, and there was a foul called on one of the teams and apparently someone didn't like it," Rosand said. "It went sideways from there and grew into a large fight and spread into the workout area."

More than just fisticuffs were involved, however.

"In the video, you can see some of these young men picking up dumbbells and weight plates and trying to throw them at others," Rosand continued.

Three juveniles and three adults were arrested, and the adult suspects were charged with "various degrees of rioting, including felonies," according to Rosand. One person was treated for a concussion but no other injuries were reported.

To see a three-part video of a portion of the brawl, click to page two.

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